Symmetry XT

Sizes: Sym XT Smart 34″, Sym XT Smart 42″, Sym XT Smart 50″, Sym XT Smart 60″, Sym XT Smart 74″, Sym XT Smart 88″, Sym XT Smart 100″ • The glass viewing area is 18” tall with no unsightly venting visible • Touchpad controls for convenient control of features with temperature display • Ambient Canopy lighting in 13 colors to illuminate decorate media – adds a new dimension • Includes Two flame patterns – choose from Amantii’s standard flame style and a new more traditional flame style • 2 Stage heater • Hardwire ready • Thermostat hard-wire ready • Trim is required and fireplaces come with Black Surround • Flame operates with or without heat. Perfect for zone heating • Single remote control for flame, ambient canopy lighting & heater included • The heater is located in the inner top of the unit, thus allowing the heat to cascade down over the top of the glass • Hidden venting allows for a true clean face appearance • Can produce up to 1465W 5000 BTU Heat •Flame Presentation  – State of the art flame presentation:  Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote • Can be used indoors & outdoor, including bathroom • Extra Height & Depth compared to SYMMETRY & SYMMETRY-B